Armanov Digital Reloading Round Counter Dillon XL650

Want to know how many rounds have you loaded last month/year? How many of each of your calibers? How much time did it take you? How fast you're producing ammo?

Also many fellow reloaders may be familiar with the situation when you want/need to load a specific number of rounds but counting spent primers or bullets may not be exact due to possible malfunctions.

Now Armanov digital round counter is here to make your reloading easier and more organized. Best part is that you don't need any change of your workflow.

Most important features:

  • Reliable count of produced ammo, based on optical count of actually produced ammo, not pulls of a charging lever
  • 45 predefined caliber profiles and 8 custom profiles (4 handgun and 4 rifle)
  • Separate overall and session counters for each caliber profile, counting no. of reloaded ammo and spent time
  • Real-time pace counter of average rounds per hour reloaded
  • User-settable batch size and optional reminder before this number is reached
  • Compatible with Dillon XL650, RL550 and Super 1050/1100 machines (soon to be available for other presses
  • Color graphic display
  • Included LED light for better control of working area
  • Unique new product
€ 135,00
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  • Due to XL750's slightly different Chute/Bin Mount, the Counter may not reliably operate on XL750. Therefore currently we recommend using it only on XL650 machines. Version for XL750 will follow shortly. 
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